Controlling Gang Violence with Securus Technologies

The jail that I am working as a corrections officer is perhaps the most dangerous in the country. The population of inmates who are affiliated with a gang inside this jail is so big that we have separated them by affiliation to keep the peace. Even with that, it only takes someone looking the wrong way or words being said for violence to erupt in seconds, and that puts my team, the inmates, and everyone behind those walls in harm’s way.


In order to curb violence, we have to work hard at keeping some of the things the gang members need out of their hands. At the top of the list is drugs and weapons, and despite our best efforts, these things are readily available because the inmates have developed some creative ways to get the items they want. Even when we do body searches at the visitor center of daily cell inspections, these gang members find the contraband they want.


Securus Technologies has been instrumental in helping us to get control of this problem. When Securus Technologies installed the new inmate call monitoring system, we put it to work that day. The CEO of the company, Richard Smith, says his systems are in over two thousand jails, and all his employees works towards the objective of making our world safer.


After me and my team learned how to use the LBS software, it was incredible how quickly it picked up on any chatter pertaining to drugs and weapons. Even though the gang members knew we were listening, they opening talked about what street members would make the trip to the jail, how they would smuggle in the drugs, and what places the items were hidden inside of. In weeks we have already cleaned up more of the contraband than all of last year combined.


Omar Yunes Continues to Win Awards

Since Omar Yunes first started as a franchisee of a popular Japanese food company, he has been winning awards. The majority of these have been based on the fact that he is great at performing and that he has brought a lot of money into the company. It has also been something that has given him a chance at being better with the different things that he can do. As Omar Yunes has worked hard for the company, he has been able to do more and offer them more than what many of the other people who run the franchises are able to do. Since joining Sushi Itto, Omar Yunes has seen success and has grown the business that he is a part of so that more people are able to get exactly what they need from all of the different industries that they are a part of and that they work with.

While the company that he has a franchise through is based out of Japan, Omar Yunes is based out of Mexico. He has worked hard to make sure that he brings a lot of different innovations to Mexico and that he can provide people with jobs in the country. This is a huge part of why he does what he does with food and why he always makes sure that he is as successful as possible while he is carrying out all of the duties of owning a franchise and making sure that things work well for the company.

Since starting the franchise that he now owns, Omar Yunes has seen a lot of success. He prepared for the franchise and made sure that he knew what it would take to be a business owner. Because of this, he was confident in all of the abilities that he had and with the experiences that he made a difference with. It allowed him the chance to try more and do more. It also gave him the chance to see a lot of success and to start making a lot of money because of the options that he had available to him.

Understanding Why Advocate Groups Need to Exist

With the all the differences of opinion pertaining to the rights that individuals and groups currently and should have in this day and age, many different civil rights groups have formed, grown and expanded as the times have changed.

There are many basic rights that larger and more established populations have always taken for granted, which is why it is important to understand and appreciate all of the advocate groups that exist throughout the world. Members of these groups spend their days fighting for the rights of others, using their voices and abilities to speak up for those that cannot always do it for themselves.

The American Civil Liberties Union is one of the most prominent and powerful of these groups, and members and their associates work hard to ensure that basic human rights like the ones that are discussed and outlined within the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are applied to immigrants and US citizens alike.

The group uses advocacy, public outreach programs, and targeted litigation to get this message across in the most meaningful ways possible, highlighting the difficulty that millions experience each and every day of their lives. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter

Even though there are many important issues that the ACLU works on (and to improve), some of the most pressing current issues include a focus on expediting the road to citizenship for immigrants, pitting a halt on cases of border patrol abuse, ensuring that the due process of law is followed when cases of deportation occur, and keeping a close eye on present state and local immigration laws, ensuring that discriminatory ones are stricken from the books as soon as possible.

Another organization that works hard to protect and preserve the rights of immigrants is the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. The foundation of this group stems from the unlawful arrest of two media executives – Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin – that were known for publishing stories about the wrongdoing of the Maricopa County Sheriff.

Not only was he abusing the power that was given to him as Sheriff by mismanaging funds, instilling fear of Mexicans and immigrants via racial profiling and settling for unsafe and less than ideal conditions within the jails of the county, but he was willing to participate in unethical methods of silencing his detractors, too. This arrest was the beginning of a change in the tide of this fight that is happening on the Mexican border on a daily basis.

The goal of this group is to ensure that the settlement that this arrest resulted in was put to good use, with Larkin & Lacey focusing on empowering and helping the Hispanic community of Arizona – one of the most discriminated against communities in the nation.

Through this foundation, donations are made to other smaller groups that also advocate for the rights of immigrants and their families – working hard to ensure that their basic human rights are not violated and that their voices can be heard no matter the situation.

Both of these organizations are worthy causes that stemmed from the belief that simply because of their legal status or position, an individual should not be looked down upon.

The fight of individuals against the powers that be may be far from over, but organizations like these two are helping to improve the odds for people that need it the most.

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Thanks To Karl Heideck, We Now Understand The Wells Fargo Redlining Case

Thanks Karl Heideck
Thanks Karl Heideck

The City of Philadelphia officially filed a lawsuit against Wells Fargo & Co. on May 15, 2017 under the Fair Housing Act of 1968. After a lengthy investigation, the city is claiming that Wells Fargo used marauding lending tactics in minority neighborhoods between the years 2004 and 2014. Wells Fargo proceeded to qualify low-income, minority members of the community for higher interest loans than clients in white neighborhoods with the same FICO scores. The company later refused their minority clients’ requests to refinance their mortgages, resulting in what Philadelphia claims to have been a harmful snowball effect. The damage began with numerous home foreclosures and ended in higher vandalism and crime rates.

The City of Philadelphia’s claims against Wells Fargo essentially accuse the bank of redlining. Redlining is the act of choosing to deny or allow loans to different communities or neighborhoods. This tactic is not always illegal, particularly if there are legitimate geographical reasons for loan rates to be higher or lower in a neighborhood. However, redlining is illegal when used solely to deny minority neighborhoods equal lending rights as white or higher income neighborhoods.

Though Wells Fargo denies the City of Philadelphia’s claims that the bank used unfair lending practices, this lawsuit seems to have appeared during an already awkward moment for Wells Fargo. The company is still fighting to recover from a previous scandal where employees created fake accounts in order to reach certain goals.

Karl Heideck earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature/Letters in 2003. He then proceeded to earn his law degree at the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University in 2009, where he graduated on the Dean’s List. Karl Heideck began the year of 2010 in the greater Philadelphia area as an associate with Conrad O’Brien, representing clients in cases ranging from government investigations and SEC receivership to white collar criminal defense.

Karl Heideck moved on to become a project attorney for Pepper Hamilton LLP where he performed as a quality control specialist investigating the facts in many cases, preparing for trial and assisting in pharmaceutical litigation, government investigation, white collar defense, bankruptcy restructuring and major construction. Karl Heideck now works in Wilmington Delaware as a contract attorney at Grant & Eisenhofer, PA. He assists in cases involving complex securities fraud and banking litigation but prefers to focus on issues related to transactions, acquisitions, risk management, and liquidity positions in relation to the sub-prime banking crisis of 2008.

White Shark Media’s Advanced SEM Technology And GoToMeeting Uses

It doesn’t matter what industry your small business is a part of, you can always benefit from using search engine marketing (SEM) tactics. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to bring your business into the high-ranking listings of Google or Bing, and using good PPC techniques can get you to those spots. Good websites can help you reach not only local customers, but even national or international customers if you run a business that has no borders. If that’s the case, you should hire an agency like White Shark Media to make sure you’re driving in the maximum amount of traffic.

One thing you can rest assured of with White Shark Media is they’ve become upfront about the process involved with signing up for one of their plans. Each plan is customized according to the size and budget of your business, and they keep you in the loop each step of the way in the process. White Shark Media has tracking techniques for each campaign and every change that is made is brought up during review sessions. They have the Google Analytics and high quality software for PPC and SEM that advanced professional agencies have.

White Shark Media has built a company that listens to customer concerns, and is certified at a high level to manage Google AdWords. In fact, it is one of a select few companies that has followed Google’s stringent requirements to be listed as a small business partner. You can contact White Shark Media’s specialists by going to their website or calling them to discuss subscription plans. But you may be even more interested to see how they’ll work for you by signing up for an evaluation. If you aren’t happy with the evaluation, you can decide not to hire White Shark Media and use the knowledge for yourself.

Jason Hope talks about worker displacement and what can be done

Jason Hope is one of Arizona’s most recognized on businessmen. Since starting his first company, Jawa, Hope has gone on to have an incredibly successful career, building companies from the ground up, ranging from search engine optimization to online reputation management and almost everything in between. Over the course of his career, Hope has demonstrated a profound ability to spot trends and act on them, creating huge value and innovating in the process.One of the areas that Hope sees as providing gigantic opportunities in the coming years is the Internet of Things. Broadly speaking, the Internet of Things includes all technologies that involve the automation and networking of devices and objects that were not previously part of a network. Examples of this are too numerous to completely list but include things such as self-driving cars, automated aircraft, intelligent climate control systems within buildings and many other innovative technologies that we will see implemented over the next decade.

Hope believes that these technologies will create enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs and will radically transform for the better the ways in which everyday people live their lives. But Hope is also realistic about the costs such new technologies will impose. He thinks that the transition to the widespread adoption of some of these technologies will be highly disruptive to a wide swath of industry.A few examples of this include such things as the likely displacement of professional drivers, as all vehicles become self driving or the next 10 to 20 years.

Another example is the likely displacement of most entry-level fast food workers, who will slowly be displaced by automated food preparation technology comment such as that already seen add a number of restaurant chains throughout the state of California.Hope fully recognizes that many of these workers will have difficulty keeping up with the rapidity of technological progress. Hope is realistic about the unfortunate consequence that many of these workers will not be able to be retrained in suitable employment. This is why he believes it’s important to start talking now about how we might implement social safety net programs, such as the universal minimum wage.

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Travelling to various vineyard

Traveling vineyard is a company comprising of wine enthusiasts. This company allows people to make money while working from home. This might sound too good to be true but it actually happens. The company hires wine guides whose work is to move from community to another reaching as many consumers as possible. During this process, they offer wine tasting services. Clients are given the opportunity to taste a variety of labels in a relaxed setting and enjoy the beverages. After this, the guides will help the purchase the one they liked and one that best suits certain occasions.

Anyone can become a wine guide. The process is simple. The company offers training to those who apply for this position. There are leaders  attached to new recruits living in the same area that will help them cope up. After completing all the training modules, the guides are sent out on their own endeavors. The amount of money that a person can make depends on their hardworking. The company will always be there to support the workers and provide guidance where necessary.

Guides are supposed to be well conversant with the many different labels present in the market. Traveling vineyard need to have a good background when it comes to this topic. This is because clients will have different questions and points that will need clarification. Some will even need convincing for them to buy the idea that the guide is marketing. The good thing is that each guide is normally provided with a leader who helps out in case the questions prove challenging.

There are a number of benefits of traveling best place that come with being a wine guide. Some of them is that a person can create a schedule that allows them to stay at home with their families. Wine guides also have the privilege of learning so many things about wines from all over the world and how they are prepared. Another advantage is that the training process is not intense, one can train online. It also offers a platform to socialize. Guides normally end up making new friends during the wine tasting process. Traveling vineyard is one company that allows for flexibility and fun working experiences.

Dr. Jennifer Walden – the Best Female Plastic Surgeon in Texas

Jennifer Lee Walden stands out in many ways. Besides being the founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, she is also an experienced surgeon. The private ambulatory surgery center is located in Austin, TX and with Marble Falls hosting its satellite office. Her career began at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital based in Manhattan from where he received mentorship from Dr. Sherrell Aston. In 2014, she appeared in the Harper’s Bazaar’s 24 Best Beauty Surgeons.

Reviews on Walden’s education shows that she has a solid educational background. She undertook her undergraduate studies in B.A. in Biology at the University of Texas at Austin and received Honors. Proceeding with her education Walden enrolled for a Medical Doctorate at the Medical Branch of the University of Texas attaining the Highest Honors. She also served as president of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society’s Texas Alpha Chapter. She accomplished her externship at Plastic Surgery Associates based in Miami.

Her focus is entirely on cosmetic surgery, and this includes face lifts, rhinoplasties, and breast augmentation. Reviews of Jennifer Walden’s charges indicate that her services are relatively affordable. For augmentation, the patient will have to part with just $7,000, $10,000 for a face lift and $8,000 to $9,000 for nose jobs. She also performs liposuction on the inner thighs, abdomen, and arms as well such minimally invasive procedures like injecting soft-tissue fillers.

Critical reviews have it that Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews is one of the most prolific female plastic surgeons in the United States as a whole. She has offered lectures both nationally and internationally on various topics in the field of cosmetic surgery. Various reviews have been given to her practice where the patients have said that they were satisfied by Dr. Walden’s services and would readily recommend her to friends and relatives.

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Michael Lacey, Jim Larkin of Larkin and Lacey on Human Rights

When Michael Lacey was arrested with his colleague Jim Larkin, by the ‘Maricopa County Sheriff’, they stood up for their rights. ‘Larkin and Lacey’ sued Joe Arpaio and won a handsome compensation in court. The settlement money they decided to dedicate to assisting human rights organizations and migrant rights organizations in and around Arizona. These two are the founders of ‘Phoenix New Times and Voice Media’.

Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County Sheriff had the two journalists arrested. Their arrest was as a result of the expose the two had done on grand jury proceedings. These secret proceedings, taking place at night, hoped to recover all the articles these journalists had written touching on the sheriff of the county.

According to the dossier by the journalists, the proceedings also wanted to identify all individuals who read the articles posted on ‘New Times’ online. These journalists asserted their position on human rights by taking the county to court for the violation of their freedoms and rights. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Their passion for human rights was demonstrated by their resolve to use their settlement award to start a foundation, the ‘Larkin and Lacey Fund’ which caters to human rights issues. The fund also helps other organizations with a human rights advocacy agenda. Organizations that champion migrant rights as well as civic rights are also supported by ‘Larkin and Lacey’.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is one of the organizations that champions human rights. It advocates migrant rights, civil rights and prevents the violation of one and all human rights. The organization’s activities were launched in Britain. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

Amnesty International champions the rights of prisoners and pushes governments to observe the international standards on human rights and decencies. Among the awards that this Non -governmental organization has won include the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ in 1977. It also has the ‘United Nations Prize in Human Rights’ awarded of 1978.

 ‘Justice That Works’

Heather Hamel started the ‘Justice that Works’ organization. The organization works with Ayensa Millan, a lawyer in matters of immigration and also a ‘radio talk show host’. The organization also works with ‘Center for Neighborhood Leadership’ and its director, a certain Mr. Viridana Hernandez. Racial profiling coupled with the disregard of human rights is also an area that ‘Justice that Works’ is passionate about in the Maricopa County. The ideal, for the organization, is a situation where incarcerated folk are not denied their rights.

‘Human Rights First’

‘Human Rights First’ is dedicated to all the issues faced by refugees. The organization appreciates that refugees are victims of abuses and untold suffering. The organization, based in New York, has been in operation since 1978. In the past, issues of anti- Islam and anti-Semitics have drawn the attention of the organization. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The anti-Islam issue became more pronounced after the bombing of the twin towers in USA. Migrants fleeing to Europe and escaping from war torn areas have also been a major concern to this organization. The Darfur issue is one of the interests the organizations pursues.

Jim Tananbaum; an Amazing Healthcare Entrepreneur and Investor

Jim Tananbaum is the current CEO and founder of Foresite Capital. He founded the company in the year 2011. The idea behind the firm was to identify the emerging healthcare entrepreneurs and help them become the leading service providers by increasing their profit margin. He does this by building strong networking systems which help the healthcare firms to access information and capital for their businesses.

Before founding the Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum partnered with others and founded other companies including the GelTex and the Theravance healthcare companies. The two companies, in combination, have a market capital of not less than 32 billion dollars. That is not all for Jim, is one of the partners who founded Prospect Venture Partners II and III. He also helped in the improvement of the healthcare services of Sierra venture. Mr. Tananbaum made sure that the healthcare services are well established and also improved the manner in which the services were provided. His other investments include Amira, Healtheon NASDAQ, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals among others. He has in total invested in 77 healthcare companies.

When Jim Tananbaum was interviewed on ideamensch, he said that the idea of investing in the healthcare sector came as a result of his 25 years’ experience as a healthcare entrepreneur and investor. He was able to identify some success keys that would help entrepreneurs and companies to rise to the next level. Jim says that what those in the healthcare firms needed was information, networking, and capital to realize their success. He was willing to provide these key needs to take healthcare entrepreneurs several notches high. Mr. Tananbaum also said that spending more time analyzing situations and practicing due diligence brings more returns than losses. He confessed that there is one secret that he is willing to share with all entrepreneurs. That secret is, they need to look for those who are willing to fund the existing ideas other than chasing for new and great ideas that are yet to come. You can visit Medium to know more.

Jim Tananbaum studied technology in high school combined with computer and math. He also holds a bachelor’s degree and B.S.E.E.F. from Yale University. Still, Jim has an M.D. from Harvard Medical School. He is also a holder of MS from MIT and MBA from Harvard Business School. He resides in San Francisco, Bay Area. More details can be found on his page.

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