Nutrimost Suing Competitor

The company Nutrimost says that one of their rival companies has pirated a video off of their website and is know using it for their own gain on their own website. The offending company is Pennsylvania-based health and weight loss company, Healthy Living. The Nutrimost plan has become one of hte most popular weight loss plans in the country in recent years thanks to their methodology and the results that they get.

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost

Nutrimost works using the Nutrimost Resonant Frequency. The weight loss plan doesn’t use any medication and is completely guided by a licensed medical professional. This, coupled with the great results that the weight loss plan has been getting those that use it, are the reason that the company has attracted so many people.

Some people have reportedly lost over 40 pounds in just their first month on the program. People are very attracted to the fast results that they get with the plan. IT gets results, it’s organic, and it’s safe. This is probably why so many other companies are trying to capitalize off of it.

The video that Healthy Living posted is almost identical to that of the Nutrimost video. They did change the slogan “Ultimate Weight Loss Plan” to “Can’t Lose Diet Plan”. This seems to be the only noticeable difference between the two videos at first watch. Any other changes are minor and are almost unnoticeable.

Healthy Living received a cease and desist letter from the company asking them to stop using the video. They did not completely adhere to the request, so Nutrimost has decided to sue them. They are suing for $300,000 in damages that they estimate the stolen video caused. They sould also like hte judge to enact a court order to prevent them from using any scene from the video ever again on their website.

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On George Soros and Wikileaks – Glenn Beck 2.0

George Soros, the Hungarian-born businessman cum philanthropist, has come under fire once again from the right wing. Known the world over for his progressive agenda, Soros has worked tirelessly for prison and transgender rights in Russia, angering Moscow and drawing ire from Vladimir Putin himself. The latest George Soros conspiracy involved the leak of George Soros emails, most likely by Russia, meant to tarnish his philanthropic causes–most notably the Soros Foundation. These efforts share a common theme with a history of vicious, anti-semitic attacks by the right wing against Soros, and reek of retaliation.

Of the many conspiracy theories that orbit George Soros, the most notable is perhaps the “Glenn Beck conspiracy,” which arose from a 3-hour special Beck ran on Fox News in 2010. One of Fox News’ biggest draws, Beck claimed that Soros “had to go around confiscating property of Jewish people.” Without explicitly using the words, Beck essentially called George Soros an anti-semitic traitor, further evinced by his use of a quote from the New Yorker, taken out of context, where Soros said “My mother was quite anti-semitic, and ashamed of being jewish.”

Not only was Beck factually incorrect, as discussed by just about every critic who watched his special, he denounced the actions of a 14-year-old boy who was attempting to survive the Holocaust. It is incredibly tone deaf for Beck to attempt to characterize a teenager under conditions of extreme duress, beyond anything that he himself has or will ever experience. Making a value judgment on the actions of a child whose life is in real danger seems something capable only of those who do not care about even projecting the image of fairness.

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What is also clear from Beck’s special is that he was attempting to portray George Soros as a totalitarian Nazi sympathizer without actually saying it. Through suggestion and innuendo, Beck twisted facts like the forgery of some documents by Soros’ father to escape the Holocaust to vilify and demonize the actions of a teenager of 14.

Mirroring Beck’s inaccurate and biased piece half a decade ago is the current atmosphere of criticism based on the George Soros Wikileaks controversy. In response to the George Soros emails that have leaked, pro-Israel, right-wing pundit Pamela Gellar has called Soros “the black hand” and accused him of being evil. This kind of far-reaching hyperbole is par for the course for Soros detractors who will seize upon any opportunity to attack a man who is otherwise untouchable due to his wealth.

The George Soros Wikileaks story is still unfolding, but it is clear that the denouncements made against Soros by the right wing have to be parsed through a lens of anti-Semitism and anger that has festered due to their inability to counter Soros’ liberal agenda. This new George Soros conspiracy has become a new excuse to throw wild accusations against the man without fact-checking first. When reading through the commentary on the George Soros Wikileaks controversy, it is important to keep Glenn Beck’s disaster of a television special in mind.

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