Eric Lefkofsky Venture in the Health Business

Eric is one of a talented entrepreneur who has started and co-founded many companies. He is the current CEO, and the co-founder of Tempus Company, which began in 2015 with the aim of fighting cancer. Eric is a graduate of the University of Michigan where Mr Eric later received his Juries Doctor the school of law. Eric and his partner Bradley Keywell started venturing in the career and started Starbelly Internet Company together which he then sold. From there Eric began buying and selling of companies as his primary business. He is also the chairperson of Groupon and the co-founder technologies one of the largest platforms in the World.

Eric legacy is on the Groupon Company, but his business life changed drastically after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Eric and his wife Liz were facing a difficult time in trying to get more information on the disease without success. As a businessman, Eric identified a problem in the society which needed to be solved and started Tempus Company.

According to Eric, Tempus is a private company which has an operating system to connect anatomic and molecular data with the clinical date in the medical systems. The data will help doctors to provide personalized and precise treatment rather than having to predict and giving their medications. Eric reads a lot, talks to the physicians and allows them to use the company’s analytical systems so that they can learn more about the patients. The President of Tempus Kelvin White says that there scientific steps to be taken to get to successful product and Eric is doing a great job in aggregating large data and mining them to get insights on the advancing the state of cancer. Click here to know more.

Eric and Liz also started a family foundation with the primary focus on promoting a high initiative to improve the quality of human life in our societies. The foundation supports scientific, educational and charitable organizations around the world. They ensure grants are focusing on key areas like in medical research, human rights, education art, and cultures.

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