Honey Birdette; Growth and Use of Technology to Increase Sales

Business in the fashion industry has grown massively in the recent days. This growth is becoming rapid through the help of technology. Companies use e-commerce and online platforms to increase their target customers and their sales. Honey Birdette is not left out on this issue. Honey Birdette is a company that was founded in Brisbane Australia by Eloise Monaghan. It was established in 2006. A US online store was launched after a rapid increase of 374% in sales within a period of 12 months.

This new e-commerce platform has expanded the customer base and improved the customer experience. They offer delivery services to their clients in the US. They have a free delivery service for those who purchase products worth 50 dollars and above. Honey Birdette is also increasing its retail stores targeting premium locations where they can reach and serve their target customers. It plans to expand its UK stores count as it also targets the US market for more retail openings in future. This will make it more accessible to its wide range of customers across the continent. Honey Birdette has close to 10 stores in Australia where it was founded. They have competitive prices for their products that range from 35 dollars for briefs and 60 dollars for bras.

Honey Birdette expanded its territorial boundaries by opening its first store outside Australia last year. They established other stores in Leeds Victoria and Westfield white city. Honey Birdette is set to open more stores. It has revealed the opening of 40 stores by the end of the year and ten more stores at Westfield Stratford Leeds Newcastle and Liverpool. Honey Birdette has opened its first sensuality online boutique with a presence on both Facebook and Pinterest. The site is easy to navigate because it is detailed. It is meant to serve three regions that include United States-Canada, United Kingdom-Europe, and Australia-New Zealand. The future of all businesses across the world is online. Honey Birdette has embraced it and is making great waves in the fashion industry.

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