Cancer Treatment Centers of America Launches New Integrative Tool

Did you know that Cancer Treatment Centers of America is now using Clinical Pathways? This new data center, launched with the help of AllScripts and NantHealth is now a key part of how treatment works at CTCA. This custom technical solution is just what the doctor ordered for CTCA, as they continue to work toward ensuring that each patient gets the treatment they need to fight their unique case with cancer. This treatment solution is to be integrated with ease, and with as many appropriate treatment options as possible. This data has been reviewed and used by hundreds of oncologists around the country, and generally this data is often pushed to the side only for the use of publication in journals, rather than used for the good of integrating into a treatment plan.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is based out of Boca Raton, Florida, and has five hospitals that are a part of its network around the country. This for-profit network of hospitals is dedicated to the treatment of cancer and the well-being of the whole patient as well as their families. Serving patients around the United States is what the CTCA is for, and now new integrative therapies are showing promise for these patients and their outcome. The main goal of the CTCA is to address the true and immediate need of the patient along with the advanced technology that can best help the doctor and the patient get the desired results of their treatment.

The very first center was founded in 1988, and has grown into a fine network of hospitals to help patients get care around the country. The basis for their approach is always compassion while making sure that all patients get the very best care and help that they can get while restoring hope to the patient.

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