Bruno Fagali Is A Reputable Brazilian Lawyer

Bruno Fagali is one of the most reputable attorneys in Brazil. If you want to obtain the best possible outcome in your legal matter, you need to be sure you hire the best attorney you can afford. There are many law firms and attorneys that cater to various clients.

The first step to finding a good lawyer or law firm  is to get a list of reputable lawyers that practice in the area of law you are interested in.

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Next, contact the lawyers to discuss your case and present your concerns. Ask your questions and listen to the lawyer’s response.

Once you have consulted with your potential lawyer, you’ll need to decide whether to sign a retainer and move forward with the case.

Bruno Fagali is a competent attorney and comes recommended in the industry. Based in Brazil, Bruno Fagali delivers the best quality legal solutions to his clients. Bruno Fagali ( has been in practice for many years is well versed in representing clients in both simple and complex cases.

Bruno Fagali works hard for each and every client he represents. Clients are very happy with the way Bruno Fagali handles their case.


Whitney Wolfe Makes Dating Fun With The Bumble Date App

Dating in the 21st century is a far cry from how many people use to date a century ago. Gone are the days of just meeting people in places such as a club, church, sporting event, or the mall. While these are places that still provide an opportunity for a chance meeting between people that can eventually lead to a date or a developing relationship, dating in the world today is more about saving time and removing effort.

In a society where people want everything now, dating has become an environment where technology has become a method of choice for many people looking for love, a special relationship, or someone to date. Technology is the new match maker. Instead of people having friends or family arrange dates, technology is the new match maker. However, technology uses predefined ways to help people find the type of person that they feel is best for them.

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In the technology driven dating environment, a wide variety of ways exists for people to find dates. One of the ways that people have moved towards in recent years is the use of date apps. There are many great benefits to using date apps. Some people like the use of date apps because the technology behind the apps allow them to easily use the technology. The Bumble date app is one of the most highly talked about date apps that people use. The Bumble date app has helped many people to discover a chance to find dates.

Whitney Wolfe is the face behind the Bumble date app. Whitney Wolfe brought the app to the market. As a business executive, Whitney Wolfe has many great attributes that help her to make the Bumble date app one of the best dating methods available for people today. The Bumble date app gives people the chance to find people that are targeted based on what the people want to see in people. The eliminating is done by the app instead of by people.

Whitney Wolfe has used the thoughts and opinions of people to help design a date app that provides what people want from a date app.

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Adam Milstein; Prolific Investment Guru

Adam Milstein is an Israeli native, born in Haifa in 1952. He is a real estate capitalist, a community leader, and a philanthropist. In most of his philanthropic ventures, Adam focuses on impacting the lives of young Jewish professionals and students by promoting brotherhood, courage and promoting Jewish pride.He began his mandatory service with the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971 and served his country in the Yom Kippur War.He then proceeded to the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology where he attained a B.Sc. degree in Business and Economics with a specialization in industrial and business management.

In 1981, he moved to the U.S to advance his studies, and he enrolled at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles. Here, he earned an MBA in Entrepreneurship. After his graduation, he began his career as a real estate sales agent.He is currently a top level Partner at a renowned real estate investment firm. Hager Pacific Properties specializes in the acquisition, remodeling, and restructuring of commercial and residential properties.

Adam Milstein is an active philanthropist, and he frequently participates in philanthropic causes through charitable organizations that he has created with other entities that operate for purposes other than profit. He also actively serves on the boards of most of these organizations which include the Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, the Israel on Campus Coalition, Birthright Israel, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee among a multitude of others.The Milstein Family Foundation was formed in 2000, and it provides a charitable platform whereby Israeli nationals living in the U.S can build their relationship with the State of Israel, and also improve the relationship between Israel and the U.S.

The foundation also aims at training young adults on how to reconnect with their Jewish roots through the use of facts and knowledge that uplifts Jewish practices and the State of Israel.It is unique because it offers three concepts that promote its objectives of sharing the Jewish culture. These include the use of philanthropic partnerships, a team dedicated to supporting every project undertaken, and also aiming to make the largest social impact at whatever phase of life.Adam Milstein is one of the founding partners of Sifrayat Pijama B’America. This is an institution that administers free monthly publications to a large number of Israeli and Jewish American communities in the U.S. with the aim to expand the growth and learning of Jewish culture.His philanthropic activities have enabled him to receive various forms of peer and industry recognition, including the American Friends of Magen and David Adom Humanitarian of the Year Award, also in 2015 among others.