Lori Senecal is a Shy Introvert with a Strong Personality

Can a shy introvert excel in an industry where those with small personalities get chewed up and spit out? The answer is yes. Lori Senecal managed to do just that. Becoming the first global CEO of CP+B as a woman. Her personality may be small, but it is definitely not weak. She has indeed become known for her robust personality, as well as, her ability to steadily develop innovative advertising techniques.

Senecal was able to overcome her shyness because of her willingness to venture outside of her comfort zone. This fearlessness allowed her to develop social skills introverts don’t naturally possess. Though a bit overwhelmed in the beginning she managed to push through her insecurities and is no doubt stronger for it. Now she’s able to give important speeches in front of large audiences.

Senecal first became interested in starting a career in the advertising business while coaching gymnastics. As a coach she had to learn the proper way to communicate her ideas to other people to reach a common goal. She loved coaching but became unsure of her career ambitions and felt like the leadership qualities she learned as a coach would be effective in business. Lori Senecal graduated from Montreal’s McGill University with a degree in business.  Follow her on Twitter

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Senecal had her first real breakthrough when she landed the position of Canadian lead on the Coca Cola account. In 2003 she would leave the company and move to New York. In the U.S. she cemented herself as a top notch professional in the industry with her run with KBS. The agency was in in a complete decline when she was brought in to do her magic. Many thought the agency was a lost cause, but not Senecal. She performed a miracle and the agency turned completely thanks to her innovative methods. She changed the entire company’s culture for the better and completed it resurrection process.

In an article on Huffingtonpost, her heroics drew the attention of CP+B, who were looking for an individual to take on the moniker as the agency’s first global CEO.