Feeding Your Furry Friend

Puppies are constantly growing and developing, and Purina understands what they need in order to develop healthily. The amount of food, as well as the kind of food they need changes a lot in the early years of their lives. Beneful Healthy Puppy dry dog food has real meat, whole grains and vegetables to nourish your new family member. Added DHA helps to support healthy brain and vision development.

It is important to meet a puppy’s specific nutritional needs by feeding them Beneful Healthy Puppy chow for their first year of life. Your furry friend may even enjoy a mixture of wet and dry food to spice up his or her meals. After your puppy turns one year old you can gradually switch to one of Beneful’s many adult dog foods. Each Beneful Healthy Puppy food package offers feeding tips on how much and how often to feed your puppy. Make sure to consult the feeding guide as the recommended amounts and frequency changes every few weeks to accommodate your quickly growing friend.

No matter what breed your new friend is, your puppy’s nutritional needs are important to you and to Purina, and Purina has you covered. Check out Beneful’s website for more tips on puppy care.

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You Will Love the Beneful Choices

The Beneful name in dog food means quality, great taste and affordability. Your dog will love the taste of Beneful products and with so many different types of products, other than just hard kibbles, you have more opportunities to shower your dog with the delicious taste of Beneful.Try Beneful Healthy Smile Ridges for healthy and clean teeth. Your dog will thank you in the end, with fresh breath and healthier gums as they grow older. Beneful Originals are the flavors of kibble that the brand was built upon.Dogs love the taste and with several flavors, they will never get bored with supper time.

Treat your dog with Beneful Baked Delights. These make a wonderful snack and reward for your pal when you get home from work, or even as a training treat. Beneful Wet dog food is available for that picky eater or the dog that needs to have a little more calories because of living an active lifestyle. Some dogs have a more difficult time maintaining a healthy weight and some wet food added to their diet is an excellent way to supplement their caloric intake. Plus, it’s going to eel like a reward because the food is so delicious.

In dry kibble, choose from Healthy Weight, Healthy Puppy or Playful Life varieties, depending on your dog’s size and age. Senior dogs require a different diet because they are slowing down. High energy dogs, such as working dogs, will require something like Playful Life, designed to give them the nutrition and energy that they need.No matter what breed, size or age your dog is, you can find one of the many different Beneful products that will be perfect for your best friend. He’ll love the taste and the variety. Wet food Chopped Blends are also available in a variety of flavors, aimed at giving your dog the most nutritional and tasty food experience possible.