Clay Siegall Loves The NFL, Space And Helping Cancer Patients


On the surface, Clay Siegall sounds like the kind of guy that would give you a headache. His quotes to healthcare websites and blogs, like, seem like they were written by a team of scientists. He continually talks about the importance of individualized treatments for different types of cancers on a genetic level using targeted and pinpoint drugs. Each of his words it seems carefully tailored in order to deliver a precise message. Essentially, he comes off as a giant science nerd, but in a good way.

Then you head on over to his word press blog to see what he’s up to. You realize the guy is just like a lot of other guys in America. You must really love fantasy football because his blog is full of information about free agent player movements in the NFL. At a quick glance, it seems like his favorite team might be the Los Angeles Rams.

Then you scroll a little bit further through his blog and you’ll find personal advice for couples looking to navigate their way through the repeal era of Obamacare. It is really nice to see advice on a personal level of this sort. As a guy who tirelessly researches cancer and new treatments in order to help patients, Clay Siegall does not sound all that optimistic about the new GOP administration’s plan. As the CEO of a very successful company, he probably has nothing to worry about. But true to himself as a guy who helps people out, here is a very actionable article that people can read and use in their own life if they may be affected.

The guy runs a pretty powerful company. Seattle Genetics went public in 2001 and he has been raising money for cancer research ever since. Clay Siegall has managed to raise over $1.2 billion from different public and private sources. And he is right on the forefront of cancer research on the genetic level. It turns out that cancers are all individually unique and will require oncologist to have an array of tools to battle this deadly disease.