EOS Brings ‘Go Wild’ Excitement to Lip Balm

It has been seven years since the “new kid’ in lip balm, namely EOS, began inching the granddaddy of lip protection, Chapstick, and its closest rival, Blistex, slowly towards the edge of the retail shelves these cylindrical lubricants share. By marketing this revolution in lip protection in chief retailers, namely major food and drug outlets Walgreen’s, Amazon, Walmart and Target, the company EOS, (Evolution of Smooth) began their high profile campaign.

Consumers quickly took notice of the bright colored oval shaped packaging with a fresh unusual flavored whipped taste, as opposed to the usual ‘clinical tube and tasteless lube.’ From there, writers at Cosmopolitan and Allure, as well as high profile celebrities began to praise the revolution of EOS lip balm by touting the refreshing opportunity to treat your lips with “go wild” flavors like honeydew, grapefruit, sweet mint, pomegranate raspberry, and other delicious inspirations to beat the doldrums of the usual cherry or mint flavored alternatives. With this type of marketing, EOS now out sales both Chapstick and Blistex and is quickly closing the gap with Burt’s Bees.

EOS co-founder and managing partner, Sanjiv Mehra, is behind this Herculean effort which has already exceeded the Goliath’s in the industry; causing a large growth in the demand for natural and organic products in all aspects of personal grooming. No less an authority than Kline Research and Management, one of the largest industry research and consultation firms, has gone on record saying that EOS lip balm: https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html, has caused the oral care industry to grow more than it has in decades.

With sells of over 1 million units per week, projections are expected to increase by $2 billion within three years; that’s remarkable for a company whose humble beginnings started with an idea for a new whipped oval shaped lip balm with extraordinarily new and freshly natural flavors.


Talk Fusion Is an Innovative Tool That Provides a Business With an Opportunity of Communicating in a Unique, Yet Effective Way

Talk Fusion is a company that has enabled companies to express their ideas and thoughts in pertinence to business matters in the online world. There are no doubts about the fact that there are a vast array of companies that are competing against one another in this day and age. Unfortunately, not every company is able to compete as well as others. However, it is imperative for those who may be struggling in this competitive world of business to know that there are certainly tools that can assist them in their quests of finding success.


Talk Fusion is a brand new program that is technologically advanced and innovative to the extent in which it allows companies to present their products and/or services for people from all over the world to see. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages some of today’s businesses have is that they are able to communicate with people on a worldwide scale. Whether one is aware of it or not, the things that one does in pertinence to their business needs can tremendously accelerate their path to success. However, it is necessary for such businesses to take the initiative that is required to make such advancements in a world that is extremely competitive


Talk fusion makes marketing through the use of videos easy. It is an appealing way to get people to communicate with one another without any hassles as one may not want to undergo a vast array of security protocols to simply see a video. Note though, that the utilization of the videos are absolutely safe and secure and one will not have to worry about potentially having any issues on their computers. If you would like to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity of presenting your services and/or products trough video presentations/messaging by incorporating them into you business’s website, then give Talk Fusion a try.