The Positive Contributions of Construcap to the Brazilian Community

The real estate business in Brazil is starting to look up thanks to Construcap’s presence in the country. This is one of the companies that buts customers’ needs before profits. They have a financing branch that allows everyone who has a dream to own a home achieve it. They understand that getting banks and other financial institutions to approve a home loan is usually hectic and sometimes frustrating even. And because they don’t want your dream to be shattered, they have employed a competent team of financial experts on to help you navigate through the bureaucracy. They help you through every step ensuring that you get a good deal for your new home.

Being great on customer care, they have easily won the hearts of Brazilians and have risen to be among the top ten construction companies in the country. They have a wide portfolio of services with some of them being engineering, construction and maintenance on They have successfully completed infrastructure construction projects, industrial, commercial and retail property construction and designing.

If you would like to work for Construcap, there are lots of opportunities available. They take in both formal and casual employees. Their philanthropic side has led them to taking in the illiterate and offering them a basic education. Those that pass in the reading and writing tests are further taken for a training program, preparing them to be part of the team. You will find people who never had a formal education working on their sites. Construcap also offer internship programs. This target people that are fresh from the university. They allocate a mentor to each of the interns and help grow their professional knowledge.

Besides creating jobs, Construcap is instrumental in the growth of the health industry. In the year 2014, they were awarded a contract, by the Government of Brazil to build Saracoba on Catho. It is hoped that the project will be complete by the end of this year. The construction will have over 250 beds. There will 96 beds with Intensive Care Units and more beds in the operating rooms.

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