Trumps Edits Show Importance of Wiki Page Maintenance

Wikipedia is the undisputed champion when it comes to encyclopedia and information resources in today’s world, and the site is unique in quite a few ways. Wikipedia is open to edits from literally anyone, meaning that a person that is part of the Wikipedia community can update a Wiki page to change it to current information. This means that any page can be changed in a matter of minutes. The reason for the ability to edit pages is the fact that as a result, you are going to have the most relevant pages, which feature the most current information. January 20th posed a very interesting case study, when it comes to understanding how Wikipedia actually works. The page that represents the president of the United States was changed back and forth from Barack Obama to Donald Trump many times throughout the day.

Eventually, the page stuck with Donald Trump, but this example is a great way to really understand the way that the site works. More importantly, if you do have a Wikipedia page and do not currently use a company, such as Get Your Wiki to regulate your page, you may be making some big mistakes. One of the biggest issues that Wikipedia pages face, is the fact that anyone can make unwanted changes. If you are not constantly watching your page, there is an easy avenue for someone to come in and make changes that you do not like. This can be malicious in nature, or simply someone making an edit to your page that they think is relevant. Another major reason why it is a great idea to hire experts from Get Your Wiki, or a similar company that deals with Wikipedia page management and creation, is the fact the actual text on a page can be critical.

A large portion of people make their own pages, but in order to represent your page in the best way possible, the written content should be presented in a particular way. Hiring a company that does Wikipedia page creation day in and day out is going to give you a great advantage, and based on the fact that a huge amount of people use Wikipedia as their main information resource, it may make a big difference. For example, if you have made a Wiki page for your company, many potential customers are likely going to take a look at your page. The better your company is presented on this platform, the better your business is going to look.